Many of those arrested

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Many of those arrested complained they were only golf fans who were ignorant of the local ticket laws, not scalpers seeking a profit. Most were from outside of Georgia, some from as far way as California and Canada, who forfeited their bond money in lieu of a fine. But 17 individuals who chose to challenge the charges in court had their cases dismissed, and a few who were adamant about their innocence even persuaded Richmond County Magistrate Court officials to return their bond money.

I never thought I would see in my lifetime, the militarisation of the police. Every time a major incident happens, more security measures are announced. Any previous crisis would have involved the army but I’m sure the Thought Police are happy with their equipment.

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It is so easy to be frugal. I always say that every time one buys a takeaway or meal out or expensive coffee or 5 day old sandwich pre packed, they should write it down and add it up at the end of the year. The total will make them feel sick.. You talked about addressing terrorism. What did we do differently that we are not currently doing to address domestic terrorism. MR.

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